This is a delicate wetsuit so please take your time changing in and out of it

Please avoid digging your nails into the smooth rubber outside material - we would suggest using a light finger pinch action or gripping the wetsuit with palm of your hand to slide the suit on

After each use, rinse thoroughly with with cold water only

Occasionally hand wash in a bucket with wetsuit cleaner or natural liquid soap and rinse well after

Hang dry inside out in a shaded area - we would suggest using the F/C Hang Time hanger for best results



  • Do not change directly on asphalt or concrete as it maximizes the chances of ripping or tearing the suit

  • Do not use in chlorinated water

  • Do not wash with bleach or bleach detergents

  • Do not machine wash, dry or iron

  • Do not heat, fold or leave product out in the sun